All About Ginger Jars

Ginger jars have been around for years and were originally used for storing spices in Ancient China. They were used to carry salt, oil or rarer spices such as ginger. Which is actually why they have become known as ginger jars and used now for decorative purposes. I have always loved them but never really felt like they had a place in my home until I remodeled my kitchen and family room.

Adding some blue and white dishes and ginger jars really added a nice pop of color. Well one ginger jar has led to many more, I tend to decorate that way, if one is good than more will be even better! It’s amazing how I spot them everywhere now.

Many of them I’ve purchased from Homegoods at very affordable prices. Williams Sonoma has a beautiful champagne bucket with a ginger jar look to it that I use as a vase or orchid planter. I use ginger jars on shelves in my family room or for fresh and faux flowers in my kitchen and master bedroom as well. So if you were thinking that they might not blend in with your decor, give them another chance and you might find you have a spot for them after all!

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  • Celestina Marie

    Hi Leslie, I love your styling with ginger jars and the history behind them. Your collection is gorgeous and blue and white is beautiful in your home. I really need to add a few to my blue and white collection. They make such a statement. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the history. Happy Wednesday!
    Celestina Marie

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