Decorating for Fall in my South Florida home

I enjoy the changing of seasons, and most especially, I absolutely adore decorating for fall. I have always looked forward to fall for as long as I can remember.The days get a little shorter, the temperature a bit cooler and just the feeling of a new season and a new start is exciting. It’s slightly more difficult to achieve all of those feelings here in South Florida. Fall is more a state of mind, rather than an actual occurrence. So my goal is to create a cozy fall home by changing my decor, regardless of the temperature outside.

In the beginning of fall, which for me is about the end of August,( I know that’s way early but don’t laugh) I start decorating by adding white and blush pumpkins. It is amazing how many blush pumpkins are in the stores, I have found so many this year. I must not be the only one that is fond of blush and wants to incorporate it in their fall interior decor. I also add a few extra throws and pillows just to cozy it up! It seems silly to start adding all the beautiful fall colors when the temperature is still in the 90’s, so you could say I transition into fall gradually, so it appears more realistic.

Next I start adding some of the more traditional fall colors. I like to use wooden and wicker pumpkins and dough bowls filled with pinecones. I have found beautiful fall decor @homegoods and @michaelsstores. During this process of creating fall in my home I tend to decorate throughout my entire house. This year I have incorporated mixed metals by combining silver mercury glass with copper and gold. It really creates a nice variety of colors still in the colors of fall. In my kitchen and family room I have a lot of the blue and white decor that I use as an accent color with my neutral tones, so in those areas it’s all about the bolder colors of fall.I like to add bright orange mini pumpkins as well as faux fall foliage. Not even the bathrooms or patio is left out, fall is represented there as well.

This year I also decided to add more fall decor to my front doors, so along with my fall wreaths I’ve also added some wooden lanterns and some faux and wicker pumpkins. Whether you experience real fall where you live or create it as I do, I hope you find this season cozy and filled with family and friends!

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