How To Style Flowers Around The Home

It is certainly not a secret that I really enjoy adding flowers to my home decor. I find that I have certain places in my home that I feel like they really add not only some color, but also a feeling of coziness. The first place and probably my favorite to add flowers to, is in my kitchen. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and because my family room is visible from there, I feel like it’s two for the price of one!! I keep flowers on the bar counter in the kitchen in my Williams Sonoma Aerin Lauder blue and white champagne bucket. It might seem unusual to use a champagne bucket for a vase, but it’s the perfect size and its even large enough for an orchid plant.

My living room is another place where I like to add fresh flowers. I try to find shades that blend in with the decor. I enjoy a uniquely shaped vase of flowers placed on a tray on my coffee table, or sometimes to change it up a bit, I place the flowers on the top of my piano in the living room. I don’t think you can go wrong with any location for flowers in your home. After all, the purpose is for you and your family to enjoy them.

My master bedroom is another place I like to have a vase of flowers. I either place them on the dresser or on a tray. It’s nice to wake up to fresh flowers in the morning! It’s the perfect way to start the day while you do a daily devotional, some journaling, or some list making to get organized for the day ahead.

In order to keep my flowers fresh as long as possible, I have discovered a few tips along the way. I always make a fresh diagonal cut on the stems before I place them in the water. I have also tried putting some sugar or even a penny in the vase of tulips to keep them from drooping and the most amazing thing I have found is the amount of water hydrangeas need, so check them often!

I hope no matter where you place your flowers, fresh or faux around your home, that they give you joy!


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